Coorie Carriers

Coorie Carriers

The Coorie is a luxury bei-dai style baby carrier featuring innovative design elements. It combines Oscha finest woven sling fabrics with tailored style & ergonomic comfort.

Now sold via limited made-to-order slots announced on our Facebook page a day ahead of release. Follow us for updates on upcoming Coorie slots.

Simple to use, the Coorie waist is threaded through safety tested rings and adjusted for a comfortable fit. Your baby is held snuggly in the panel and the straps go over your shoulders and are crossed and tied securely.

The Coorie has a number of unique features that make it highly recommended by parents. The waist is formed from a wide band of fabric, tailored into intricate pleats, which provides comfort, prevents digging and gives a flattering silhouette. Secured by sling rings, the waist can be adjusted both along the length, and also across the width for optimum support & comfort.

The carrier body is shaped to provide an excellent seat for your child and comes with leg padding to prevent digging. The hood (for extra head support if your child falls asleep) rolls away for convenience, and the rolled hood also offers extra padding and neck support for your child.

The Oscha Highland Pleat Shoulder Straps mirror the elegant pleatwork of the waistband, and we have added a small amount of padding to offer extra cushioning for carrying heavier children. The straps then flare out so they can be spread to give enhanced support where it is needed.

The Coorie has been developed over a number of years, and has been through rigorous testing to ensure it not only meets safety standards (conforming to BS EN 13209-2:2005 & ASTM:F2236-14), but the high standards of experienced babywearers. It is tailored in-house from our workshop in Scotland from our specially woven fabrics, all made in the UK.

For more details on the Coorie check out our blog post and reviews.
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