What is a Baby Wrap?

Oscha wraps are a long length of intricately woven fabric specially designed to carry your child. Being fully adjustable, they offer the most comfortable & snug fit allowing you to carry for longer. With an infinite number of carries possible, baby wraps are great for carrying children of all ages.

Sono Athena baby wrap Sono Athena baby wrap - back

Comfort and Support

Woven wraps distribute & support your child’s weight evenly; making for a continually comfortable experience. They are infinitely adjustable, moulding to your body shape & size. With one sling, you can carry your child on your front, back or hip, in many different carrying positions to suit your needs.

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How to Use a Wrap

Learning the art of wrapping may take a little time & patience but slow down, enjoy the moment together and you will soon discover all the benefits of this close embrace.

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Choosing the right wrap

There are 3 main things to consider when choosing a wrap for you and your child: Wrap Size, Fabric Blend & Fabric Weight.

Wrap Size

Wraps are available from sizes 2-8, where larger sizes signify longer lengths of material. The right length will depend on your size, height and the carry you wish to use. A size 6 wrap is a good choice for general use, which is suitable for most sizes and carries.

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Fabric Blend

Different fabric compositions (yarns) have different qualities, including softness, grippiness and glide. Your choice of blend will also affect how warm/cool the wrap is. Some wraps are made from 1, 2 or even 3 different yarns. A 100% Cotton wrap is generally considered to be a good all-rounder.

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Fabric Weight

GSM (Grams per Square Metre) is an indication of the weight and density of a wrap. The density of a wrap can affect how the wrap ties & feels when worn; breathability, warmth, ease of tying & grip. A density of between 230gsm and 280gsm is widely considered to be a medium weight.

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Comparison Chart

  Cairis Carrier Coorie Carrier Baby Wrap Ring Sling
Carrying Position
Front Carry
Back Carry
Hip Carry
Highlights Simple to use
Padded buckle waist
Highly adjustable
Quick to use
Size 20" - 58" waist 20" - 58" waist Wraps can be worn by any size, where length of wrap determines the type of carries possible. one size fits all
Ease of Use
Baby Size 8-45lbs*† 15-45lbs† 8-45lbs* 8-45lbs*
Suitable for Newborn
Suitable for Breast-feeding
Detachable Hood
Price Range from $227.25 from $381.95 from $119.10 from $119.10

* Can be used with lower weight and premature babies after seeking advice from a health care professional.
† Carrier available in 2 sizes, baby (suitable from 0-2 years) and toddler (suitable from 2-5 years).

Further Reading

Care Guide

Oscha wraps are made from the highest quality yarns we can find, but as with any jacquard woven textiles, a little bit of care is required to keep your wrap happy. The more you wear your wrap, the softer and more flexible it will become.

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Safety Guide

Wraps have many benefits when used correctly, so follow our simple safety guide to get the most out of your sling. Make sure your baby's well supported in the sling without allowing their chin to rest on their chest. Ensure mouth and nose are clear.

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Our Mission

We use unique patterns and weaving techniques to make baby carrying a beautiful & comfortable experience for all. Our slings are woven in the British Isles from responsibly sourced yarns & handcrafted in Scotland.

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Clan Oscha

A place to chat, ask questions, exchange ideas and help us to create more beautiful products for you and your little one to enjoy. Meet the Clan on Facebook.

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