Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which sling should I choose?

  • What's the best sling for a heavy toddler?

    Wraps are infinitely adjustable and can be tied in many different ways. Many people will continue to use the same long wraps they used for their newborn and simply adjust the carry. For more information please read our best slings for toddlers guide.
  • What weight is my sling?

    You'll find this information on the website, under the description for each sling.
  • What is the fabric composition of my sling?

    For ease of information we have listed fabric composition under the picture for each sling, and it can also be found in each description, all on our website.
  • What does the Left and Right shoulders mean on the Ring Slings?

    We do have some directional patterns, which means they will hang upside down if worn on the opposite side. In this case, select left or right hand according to which side you want the rings to sit on. Choose which shoulder you prefer to wear your rings on. For example: if you choose a right hand sling, the rings will be on your right shoulder and your baby on your left hip, with the pattern correctly orientated across your back.
  • What's the best sling for a small baby?

    Wraps are infinitely adjustable and can be tied in many different ways as your baby grows and starts to want to look around from your hip, and when old enough, from your back! Most babywearers will start with a front carry with a longer wrap for a baby, allowing multiple passes for greater peace of mind. Short wraps can also be very useful as one-shouldered rebozo carries, which are similar to ring slings. For more information, read our 'Best slings for newborns' guide.
  • It's hot here; what sling should I choose to keep us cool?

    A thin, airy wrap is ideal; our 100% Art dyed and dyed gradation linen slings are the coolest slings to wear in hot weather. You could also consider a sling with a lower weight (gsm) such as our organic Pima cotton wraps and some of the 50% linen blends. Some people enjoy using the bamboo, hemp and 20% linen blends as well. For additional information, read our 'Best Slings for Summer' guide.
  • Why would I need more than one wrap?

    You may wish to have more than one wrap depending on the type of carries you want to do, and to have the choice of warmer fabrics for the winter and cooler for the summer. You may also like to have the fun of choosing different colours and designs to wear to match your outfit.
  • What is the reason for different fabric blends?

    Different fabric blends have different properties including texture, weights, warmth/coolness allowing us to meet different needs in terms of what people are seeking from their sling. We also enjoy trying new and innovative blend combinations to provide our wearers with beautiful slings.
  • Stock Queries

  • The item I like is out of stock, will it come back into stock soon?

    We sometimes re-weave out of stock items, but this is very rare. If we do re-weave a design, we will pre-view it on our Facebook page when it is available. The only styles we have as rolling stock at the moment are Roses Eros, Roses Aphrodite, Starry Night Nebula and Starry Night Midnight.
  • What happens to any spare wraps after a sell out listing?

    If we have any spare wraps, these will be re-listed on our website as we feel this is the fairest way to sell them after the mail out.
  • Do you sell scraps?

    Scrap packs will be available to buy on our site periodically.
  • How do you ensure the quality of your woven products?

    All of our woven wraps, ring slings, carriers and woven accessories are individually checked by our in-house quality control team before they are carefully packaged and made available on our website.
    Worried your wrap has a flaw? Be sure to read our Fabric Characteristics page and our Woven Seconds page before getting in touch.
  • Comfort, Concerns and Safety

  • Friends/relatives say we are spoiling our child by carrying him. Is this true?

    Research has shown that babies who are carried actually develop a more secure attachment with the care-giver(s). They then display more confidence in exploring their environment and in relating to other people and peers. Once your child becomes more independent you're likley to use your sling when you have a tired or sick child, for cuddles, or for convenience when you're out. For more information, read about the benefits of using a sling.
  • I've just started using a sling and my baby screams whenever I try to wrap. What should I do?

    Especially if the child is a little bit older before you began to use the sling, this can happen until the baby becomes familiar with it, and you become confident in wrapping. Talk to your baby and explain what you are doing, remain calm, and as your confidence grows, then your baby will soon enjoy the loving closeness of being carried. Go for a walk once your baby is in the sling so the calming motion will soothe her and allow her to get used to her new vantage point! For more information, read our 'How to carry' guide.
  • Is baby wearing safe?

    Absolutely, provided the sling is used correctly. Please read our sling safety page for more information.
  • I get pain in my shoulders when carrying; what should I do?

    You should not be in any pain when a wrap or ring sling are used correctly. For guidance on making sure that you have a secure and comfortable wrap job please read our How to Carry guides. It may also be worth contacting a Babywearing Consultant or your local sling library for one-to-one tuition.
  • What if I fall when I'm carrying my baby in a sling?

    Your baby is less likely to get hurt if you happened to fall when you are carrying them in a sling as your hands are free to break your fall and protect your baby. Clearly you need to be just as careful moving around as when you are normally carrying your child and you should not engage in any dangerous or sporting activities when using a sling. For more information, read our sling safety guide.
  • What happens if it's raining?

    If it's raining then you can put your rain jacket on after your baby is in the sling, always ensuring that their head is uncovered (a hat will protect them from the rain). You can also use an umbrella, which will nicely cover you both.
  • In cold weather what should my baby wear when in the sling so that he's cosy, but doesn't get too hot?

    You and your baby will keep one another warm so you do need to think about what to wear. Depending on how cold it is your baby may be fine with a warm jacket, although if it's very cold a snowsuit maybe appropriate. It's most important to make sure the baby's extremities are warm so in cold weather he should have a hat and leg warmers or extra socks to keep his legs and feet warm. Equally in warm weather make sure he isn't wearing too many clothes when being carried. When wrapping a child in a snow suit or baby grow with feet there should be ample room so that your child's feet have plenty of space to move and do not get restricted inside the fabric of their clothing.
  • Sling Care

  • How should I care for my sling?

    Please follow the care instruction on the label. Our cotton and linen only needs to be washed at 30 degrees. We don’t recommend bleach as it can damage fabric. For further guidance please visit our Wrap Care page.
  • Shipping Queries

  • How much does it cost for postage?

    You can see on your order before you pay how much the total shipping will be. This will be calculated based on the shipping destination and the weight of your package. Postage costs are capped at £3 for UK, £5 for Mainland Europe and £8 for the rest of the world, although costs may be less for lighter items. For additional guidance, read our shipping & returns page.
  • Which couriers will my parcel travel with?

    We use a variety of courier services to deliver our packages, based on the shipping destination and package weight. It is difficult to be certain which partner company will be chosen for any given package, although we do at times offer our customers the choice during checkout. For packages being handled by Royal Mail, this website has been provided by them as a guide as to which 3rd party courier may ultimately deliver your package. We know that parcels going to Germany and the Slovak Republic are shipped with GLS in most cases. For more information, read our shipping & returns page.
  • What should I do if my parcel tracking shows my parcel has arrived but I have not received it?

    Firstly, check with your neighbours and at your local postal depot before contacting We will then be able to discuss the issue with the respective courier on your behalf. For additional guidance please read our shipping & returns page.
  • My wrap has not arrived yet and I'm getting worried.

    Depending on where your wrap is being shipped to please allow: UK- 3 working days, Europe (non EU and EU)- 7 working days, rest of World - 10 working days from the date of shipping. If your package is being tracked then you will have been sent a tracking number to follow it's progress. If your parcel still doesn't arrive after the above time, please contact quoting your order number. It may be useful to know that Royal Mail only considers an item to be lost after the following time has passed for each destination: UK:15 working days, EU: 21 Working days, ROW: 25 working days. We are unable to process any exchanges or refunds until these dates have been met if an item is delayed. For more information, read our shipping & returns page.
  • Oscha's Boutique

  • What is Oscha Boutique?

    Boutique items are made from the most luxurious fabrics and blends. They are all limited edition and will not be re-woven.
  • Benfits of using a sling

  • Can I breastfeed my baby while she's in a sling?

    With practice, it's possible and very convenient to breastfeed using a wrap. A sling or wrap can be helpful for feeding on the go, especially if they have more than one child to care for. As always, protecting the airway and ensuring breathing is unobstructed is of paramount importance. For more information, read about breastfeeding in slings.
  • My baby has reflux, will carrying her in a sling help?

    When carrying your child in a sling, they are held in an upright position, which can help to ease their discomfort. The gentle rocking motion of being held in a sling can also be of comfort to a child suffering reflux. For more guidance, read about the benefits of using a sling.
  • Conversions

  • Do you offer a conversion service?

    We offer a conversion service for any Oscha wrap or ring sling. The cost of a wrap conversion is £20 per piece, and a ring sling is £30 per piece, plus postage. A shawl or scarf conversion is £15. You can purchase a pair of sling rings for £6. Please notify us by email prior to sending us the wrap. Let us know how you would like the sling converted, including (gathered or pleated shoulder style, ring colour, shoulder side if it is for a ring sling conversion), the country this is being delivered to, and your Paypal e-mail address, we will arrange an invoice once it arrives with us.
  • Can I convert a wrap that is in stock on your website?

    Yes, please add your conversion request into the delivery instructions on your order and email us to arrange the coversion. They are charges as £20 per wrap piece, £30 per ring sling, £15 per shawl or scarf.